How quickly do you ship? Most of my pieces are made-to-order, which means that each piece is specifically made for you after you've placed your order. Right now, that can take up to one week prior to shipment, although it's usually quicker.

Certain pairs (like one-of-a-kinds) are ready-to-ship. The description for each pair will indicate if they are ready-to-ship. They will ship the next business day after your order.

How heavy are the earrings? They're incredibly lightweight! For example, the Archie Mega (one of my largest pairs) weighs less than 1oz. 

Do the earrings break easily? No! That's one thing I love about polymer clay--it's extremely sturdy when cured correctly. One thing clay can be susceptible to is scratches, so be sure you store your earrings in a way that does not allow other earring backs to scratch them. I recommend hanging storage, or just using the box that they came in.

How do I clean my earrings? It's not uncommon to get makeup stains on some of the larger pairs of earrings. If that happens, just use a q-tip or cotton ball dipped in acetone or rubbing alcohol and gently rub clean. If the brass pieces of your earrings are looking tarnished, try rubbing them with a clean, dry cloth. Brasso is another good option to polish brass jewelry that has lost its luster.

Still have questions or comment? I absolutely love to hear from you! Please contact me at meeshmade@gmail.com or use the contact form on the website.