pair of arch-shaped floral earrings with peach and blue florals on a cream background

January 2024 Meeshies

Well, hey! I'm happy to report that I neither forgot how to make jewelry, nor did my entire business collapse when I took the last few weeks of 2023 off. Not only that, but I feel like my brain is bursting with new inspiration since having a rest, which seems equally helpful and irritating. Much to consider.

Here's a bunch of that inspiration...which will be available for purchase during the next restock on Thursday, January 18 at 6pm Mountain Time (for email/text friends) and 6:30pm for everyone!

I'll continually update this post with new styles as I add them to the lineup, so what's currently here *may* not be everything.

Feel free to reach out at if you need anything! See you soon!


xo (i almost wrote 'luv' a la 2005 but I refrained),


Floral hearts are one of the most-requested styles--I hope I did ya proud with these!

Those are the TINIEST hex hoops up there that I've ever made! they're like half an inch in diameter! So baby! 

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