How to buy

Hey there! Welcome! 

New items are available on the site in periodic restocks- usually once or twice a month on Saturdays at 12:30pm MST. They sell out very quickly, so if you've stopped by in-between restocks, pickings may be slim. My stock is limited so that I'm able to provide my best quality handmade pieces and also, you know, have a life outside of work. :)

But I’m here to help you get what your heart desires, so you can join the email and/or text list to get updates and info about upcoming restocks! Joining will also allow you to shop 30 minutes before each launch goes live.

I do take a limited number of custom orders each month and you'll be  notified if you're on the aforementioned text/email list when these slots open up.

If you have any questions about anything Meeshmade, let me know via email at Thanks for being here!

Cheers, friends! -xo, Meesh